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Alice and the Snow Queen Fairy

by Meadow, Daisy
Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy makes sure that everyone has a happy and fun time during the winter. But when her magic falls into Jack Frost's icy hands, the season goes haywire. Fairyland might end up frozen!

Fortunately for Alicia, Rachel and Kirsty are eager to help. They're going to help their newest fairy friend melt a hole in Jack Frost's chilling plans!

Find the magic objects in all three stories inside this Rainbow Magic Special Edition and help save the snow queen magic!

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Bubbles and Boo
                  by Miles , Ellen                  

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home.

Bubbles is a lonely Poodle puppy. Boo is an adorable bunny rabbit. When both of these pets end up at Lizzie's house for fostering, nobody expects them to become best friends. But they do and now they're inseparable! Can Lizzie find the perfect forever home so they can stay together?

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Catching the Moon
by Hubbard, Crystal

 The true story of Marcenia Lyle, an African American girl who grew up to become "Toni Stone," the first woman to play for a professional baseball team 

One day in the 1930s, Marcenia and the boys she plays ball with learn that Gabby Street, a famous baseball manager, is scouting children for a baseball summer camp sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals. Eager to earn a spot, Marcenia plays her best, but is discouraged when Mr. Street tells her there are no girls in his camp. Convinced that baseball is her destiny, Marcenia won't give up, ultimately proving her skill and passion to Mr. Street and her dubious parents. 

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              Giraffes Are Awesome     

         by Amstutz, Lisa

Africa's wild animals are awesome! Bold, vibrant photos and engaging text bring readers up close with giraffes. Includes information on habitat, behavior, life cycle, and threats to these amazing creatures



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 The Hero Two Doors Down

by Robinson, Sharon
Stephen Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing-the Dodgers. Steve and his father spend hours reading the sports pages and listening to games on the radio. Aside from an occasional run-in with his teacher, life is pretty simple for Steve. 

But then Steve hears a rumor that an African American family is moving to his all-Jewish neighborhood. It's 1948 and some of his neighbors are against it. Steve knows this is wrong. His hero, Jackie Robinson, broke the color barrier in baseball the year before. 

Then it happens--Steve's new neighbor is none other than Jackie Robinson! Steve is beyond excited about living two doors down from the Robinson family. He can't wait to meet Jackie. This is going to be the best baseball season yet! How many kids ever get to become friends with their hero?


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 Knots On A Counting Rope
by Martin, Bill
In this poignant story, the counting rope is a metaphor for the passage of time and for a boy's emerging confidence in facing his blindness.

The Missing Play Book

{Hardy Boys Clue Book}
by Dixon, Franklin

Frank and Joe try to hit a home run by figuring out what happened to the Bayport Bandits’ playbook before the first big baseball game in the second book in an all-new, interactive Hardy Boys chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Frank and Joe and the rest of their Bayport Bandits teammates can’t wait for Little League to start! Everyone is celebrating the beginning of the season at Speedy Zermino’s house. While they’re all together, Coach Quinn shows off the Bandit’s new playbook that contains all of the new strategies and plays that will help them to a winning season.

The next day at practice, Coach Quinn realizes the all-important playbook has gone missing! With their teammates counting on them to get the book back, Frank and Joe must take a swing at cracking this case…or their season will be over before it even begins.

Nervous Nellie Fights First-day frenzy

{Worry Warriors}
byVentura, Marne

Nellie is looking forward to the first day of school. She'll be with her three best friends in Mrs. Anderson's class and, with luck, be appointed attendance monitor. Her heart drops when she learns that she won't be with her friends, but with her worst enemy--and a teacher who is new to the school. Will she make new friends? Lose her old friends? Will the new teacher be mean or nice? Will he recognize her writing talent? Worse--will the class have a pet rat?
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The Return of the Graveyard Ghost
by Warner, Gertrude Chandler

One stormy afternoon, the Aldens take a shortcut through the Greenfield Cemetery and discover a strange local superstition! According to legend, it’s good luck to leave presents in a certain spot in the cemetery—and bad luck to anyone who doesn’t. But since there’s no such thing as ghosts, there must be a reason for this weird tradition. The Boxcar Children are determined to find out what it is.


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The Secret Santa from the Black Lagoon
by Thaler, Mike

Hubie's class is doing a Secret Santa exchange this year, and Hubie is worried about buying a present for a girl. But it's even worse than that-he has to shop for his teacher, Mrs. Green. What will happen if Hubie gets her a bad gift? He doesn't want to find out!


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by Macgregor, Eloise
A small snake glides sideways across the hot desert sand. As it moves, it makes an S shape with its body. Then the sidewinder snake buries itself under the sand. There, with only its head poking out, it waits for prey. Welcome to life in the desert! Young readers will learn all about the desert environment where the sidewinder lives, as well as its physical characteristics, what it eats, and how it survives in its hot, dry home. Colorful photos and diagrams, clear text, age-appropriate activities, and critical-thinking questions will keep young readers turning the pages as they take a closer look at this intriguing desert dweller.


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Sophie’s Masterpiece: A spiders tale
by Spinelli, Eileen

Sophie is an artist who wants to spin beautiful creations all day long and, someday, a masterpiece. As a spider, though, Sophie has a hard time finding a welcoming place in which she can be free to live and spin. She's shooed and shuffled all over Beekman's Boardinghouse until one day she finally finds the warm, comfortable, safe home for which she always yearned -- and the inspiration for the masterpiece of her lifetime..



SThea Stilton and the Secret fo the Old Castle

by Stilton, Thea

When the Thea Sisters' friend Bridget returns to Scotland for a family emergency, the five mice offer to help. And when Bridget goes missing, they have to rush to Scotland to help find her! Along the way, the Thea Sisters encounter Celtic legends, cryptic messages, and hidden treasures on a trip that's full of surprises!


Vacation Quenn

byPeschke, Marci

Kylie Jean goes on a family road trip on her summer vacation. After many stops along the way, Kylie finally has her moment when she visits the Statue of Liberty.


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